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ISO 9001 Quality Management System

DBCT P/L maintains an ISO 9001certified management system as part of our Operating and Maintenance Contract with Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Management (DBCTM). To ensure ISO9001 certification, DBCT P/L has developed internal documents and systems that are subject to a rigorous audit program to ensure continual improvement of our processes.

Being ISO9001 certified is one way that we can show our ability to maintain the quality of our user’s product, and adhere to the user agreements. We undertake regular communications with DBCTM, rail providers, shippers, provedores and governing agencies to ensure minimal disruption to the supply chain. In addition to this, our maintenance strategy is designed to ensure work undertaken onsite doesn’t constrain the supply chain.

DBCT P/L has a Quality Management Plan in place to ensure we have the necessary resources available so our management system operates in accordance with the ISO 9001 International Standard.

This scope of the Quality Management Plan includes:         

  •  DBCT P/L HSEQ Policy, objectives and quality key performance indicators for the Terminal;
  • Quality and conforming requirements with all relevant elements of:
    • AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System – Requirements;
  • Organisation and core roles including accountabilities of quality personnel;
  • Identifying, understanding and responding to the needs of interested parties;
  • Compliance with the quality aspects of the Operations and Maintenance Contract and other identified interested parties expectations;
  • The ongoing consideration of the life cycle perspective of operations and maintenance activities;
  • Ensuring all employees, suppliers, contractors and visitors who perform work for or on behalf of DBCT P/L whether they are on-site or off-site comply with the QMS requirements;
  • Continual improvement through monitoring and review;
  • Necessary actions to monitor, evaluate, measure compliance and improve processes within the Quality Management System; and
  • Maintain nameplate capacity to export 85 million tonnes per year, and is required to provide the service of maintaining the terminal to achieve nameplate, considerate of contracted tonnage

Quality assurance at DBCT is everyone’s responsibility. The combined efforts of our people and our processes ensure that, as an organisation, we are able to achieve a high of standard business performance.

DBCT P/L has implemented an internationally accredited Quality Management System (QMS) to promote the continuous improvement of operational and maintenance activities.

PO0005 Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy PO0005 Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy (157 KB)

Our commitment to operating and maintaining the terminal is included in the DBCT P/L Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy.

To achieve this commitment, DBCT P/L has implemented a risk management framework aligned to ISO31000 Risk Management Principles to ensure reasonably foreseeable risks are identified and managed.