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Vegetation Management

DBCT P/L strives to conserve and enhance remaining natural areas to promote integrity of habitat values and ecological systems through proactive and preventative vegetation management.

Vegetation Management is comprised of two main areas, Revegetation and Weed Management.

DBCT uses locally sourced Native species for all revegetation works.

Weed management is a strong focus at DBCT to reduce historically existing weeds and to prevent incoming weed species and potential new infestations. This is achieved through the use of the Weed Hygiene Declaration Form, mowing and spraying regimes and revegetation of disturbed areas.

Resource Recovery Program

DBCT P/L has implemented a total waste management program, which enables waste to be segregated onsite into specific colour coded bins.  Waste is segregated into the following streams:

DBCT P/L works with our waste service provider to continually identify new recycling opportunities.

Since 2003, DBCT P/L has recycled over 15,800m3 of material otherwise destined for landfill.

Efficient Use of Resources

DBCT P/L recognises that efficient use of resources is an essential part of business sustainability. Some initiatives in place at DBCT include:
  • A Preventative Maintenance System.
  • Using 50% recycled paper
  • Including transport distances in purchasing decision making.
  • Supporting vendors who can re-use their packaging
  • Re-using packaging in the warehouse