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Our Environmental Management System

To continually improve the environmental performance of operational and maintenance activities, DBCT P/L have implemented an internationally accredited Environmental Management System (EMS).

The scope of the EMS includes:

  • The identification and management of internal and external environmental aspects that can impact the terminal activities, the community and the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.
  • Identifying, understanding and responding to the needs of interested parties.
  • Compliance with the Operating Maintenance Contract, DBCT P/L Environmental Authority and other identified interested parties expectations.
  • The ongoing consideration of the life cycle perspective of operations and maintenance activities at the terminal.
  • Ensuring all employees, suppliers, contractors and visitors who perform work for or on behalf of DBCT P/L, whether they are on-site or off-site, comply with the EMS requirements, including written documents
  • Emergency response for the terminals activities and services as well as natural events that have the potential to result in an environmental impact.
  • Continual environmental performance improvement through monitoring and review.

The DBCT earned ISO 14001 accreditation in January 2005, and is regularly audited and monitored to retain this internationally-respected environmental management benchmark.

Our commitment to preventing harm to the community and environment is described in the DBCT P/L Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy.

DBCT P/L Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Policy DBCT P/L Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Policy (156 KB)

To achieve this commitment, in relation to ISO14001, DBCT P/L has identified the risk sources (aspects) that can be either impacted or affected by the terminal’s service or activities and are committed to reducing these risks through the Enterprise Wide Risk Management (EWRM) framework. This Framework is aligned to ISO 31000 Risk Management Principles to ensure reasonably foreseeable risks are identified and managed.

DBCT P/L Environmental Management System (EMS) is in line with DBCT P/L’s Environmental Objectives and Targets and reflects the compliance and obligations arising from the expectations of interested parties as well as the management of identified environmental risks. The intent of the EMS is to ensure possible harmful effects of our operations are prevented or otherwise, minimised, mitigated and remediated.